Acrylic painting commissioned by Sir Timothy Ackroyd for his African charity Tusk.  I met Sir Tim in June 2009 at Greencombe Gardens - the house of Joan Loraine (see also below). He asked me to contribute a painting which would be included in the next edition of the book "Ackroyd's Ark", the original to be sold for the charity at Christies at the launch of the book in 2010. Sir Tim didn't want me to do a plain 'portrait' of an African animal but was keen on my Wistman's Wood weirdy stuff. The launch of the book and the sale of the paintings appearing in it (including this one) will take place at Christie's in St. James' London on Monday 20th September 2010, from 6.30pm to 9pm.  Tickets are £45 per person.  Full details from http://www.tusk.org/ackroyds-ark-book-launch.asp

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